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Be My Bridesmaid?!

We are finally making some progress on the wedding front! And no, the date is not one of them. But I do have plans to have that by the end of summer (which is quickly approaching).

We have started asking our wedding party if they'd like to join us for our special day. There were so many things to think about- who do we want? What will they wear? And most importantly, how will I ask them? (the bridesmaids of course) With the popularity of Pinterest on the rise, I once again felt the pressure on how I would ask the ladies to be my bridemaids. I seriously spent forever on this. I even created a secret board on Pinterest with my ideas. I'm here to say I finally figured out the way I wanted to ask my ladies. I knew the key for me was it had to be cute, match my colors, and be personal.

Once I had compiled a list of things I wanted in the box, it was time to write a little note. I decided to be super cheesy and write a poem for their boxes. All I have to say is thank goodness for fi…

Crazy Life

Oh my life. Where have you gone?!

The good news is I'm officially moved out of Indianapolis. The bad news is I still have some things to unpack. My creative life has been put on hold for a very, very long time....and is still on hold.

My entire scrapbook and crafty goodies are stock piled at my parents house- there's not enough room at my new place! I saw Becky Higgins posting all of her new Project Life products and I was getting so giddy..until I realized how many of her products I already have and haven't had time to use. Sad day.

But I have been lucky enough to start decorating my new office! My last office had zero sense of theme. It was what I liked to call "creative clutter". There were mixed matched items everywhere. The only theme was "colorful". So this time around I thought I wanted to have some sense of theme. Keyword, thought. I journeyed to the local Target to start scoping things out. I walked out of there with some turquoise and white de…