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Christmas Wreath

My last wreath wasn't a huge hit with the fiance. I liked it (he didn't like it is an understatement), but he was right it wasn't very Christmasy. And when your favorite time of year there is no reason not to have a Christmas themed wreath.

 I knew what I wanted to do, the problem was I just couldn't find the right supplies...which is frustrating. So of course I went straight to Pinterest. I knew I could get a few ideas from there. And that's when I saw this wreath made with fabric instead of yarn. I felt like it smacked me right in the face. Why in the world had I not thought of this sooner? Fabric and ribbon would be way faster to cover the wreath form...and I'm always looking for easy new ideas.

So I quickly made a run to our Hobby Lobby store to pick up some new material. And now that I had decided to use ribbon it opened up another world of possibilities. It shouldn't be a surprise that I walked out with enough supplies to make 2 different Christmas w…

Winter Wreath

Not to brag, but I just came back from my Hawaiian vacation. It was a much needed vacation but I was not excited to come back to the yucky weather.

I lost all sense of time when I was in Hawaii. Thanksgiving Day did not feel like Thanksgiving. It did not feel like NOVEMBER!

One thing was for sure, I was behind on my wreaths! Can you believe it??? Christmas is my favorite time and I didn't have any wreaths?! Blasphemy.

I've spent a lot of time on Pinterest and researching the perfect wreaths to make.

I completed one wreath last night- I still need to make a Christmas one. But the wreath I made last night took a little longer than I expected. And at first I wasn't thrilled with it but I do have to say it's growing on me.

Here she is! My winter pom pom wreath. I really do love all of the colors, but I just wasn't too sure about all of the pom pom! That's a lot of shagginess on that wreath. I must say I think it looks better in person. The cream yarn has gold tins…