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My name is Ashlyn, and I have a problem. I am addicted to nail polish....and shoes...and purses. I mean I feel like most girls/women have this problem, right? I didn't realize how much of the above items I had until I started moving. I had bags that had just bags inside. I had boxes of shoes and 3 shoe racks. I have so many colors of nail polish, I could paint each of my nails (hand and toes) a different well as my friends. I have a problem. But instead of trying to fix it, I just buy more! WHAT THE HECK ASHLYN?!!
Ok I'll be honest, I have gotten so much better with purses and shoes. I think with working a job were moccasins and Sperry's are not part of the attire I have bought less shoes. The problem is I have so many and I just can't decide what to get rid of. My boyfriend confronted me this weekend and told me I needed to get rid of 3/4 of my shoes. Seriously...a girl can't own just ONE pair of tennis shoes, ONE pair of sandals (that coun…