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Fresh Start

It should be no surprise. I've always been crafty. When my mom design our laundry room she made sure to install cabinets and a counter for crafting. My school projects were always the bomb. I was THAT kid that when way over the top on my poster- adding fun colored back grounds, funky letter cut-outs, and themed stickers. Mom has everything you could ever imagine/want in her craft supplies.

And then I went off to college. Suddenly my posters started looking a little more drab. Every time I'd come home on the weekends, I'd be sure to stock up on supplies.

And then I graduated and got my own place. And wouldn't venture home as often. I realized I was growing up and my craft supplies needed to do the same.

So I've decided to create a list of what I consider essentials for your craft supply. Keep in mind that it's continually growing!

Adhesive Runner- These guys are awesome and mess free.
Personal Paper Trimmer- If you're anything like me, I can't cut a straig…

I'm on FIRE!

I think I was bitten by the creative bug this weekend. That or I needed something to do while sitting and watching football. Yesterday was a super productive day for me so I decided to end my weekend with one last project: DIY paint swatch calendar.

Things you'll need:
- Some type of adhesive
- Paint swatches
- frame (I used an 11x16 from Walmart. $5)
- scissors or paper cutter
- corner rounder- optional

What to do:

I took the easy way out on this one. I found some Valspar swatches I really liked at Lowes and was able to cut them down. You can see that there are 3 swatches per sheet. I decided not to cut out the swatches individually because I don't have the patience to line them all up perfectly.

Just simply trim down your swatches, round the corners, and adhere to the paper! I went ahead and wrote the days on the swatches because those will never change. I would say the most tedious part was rounding the corners. 

If I make this again, which I think I will, I may try and …

Easy DIY Project

I posted a pretty easy and inexpensive DIY project yesterday, but I found one that's even cheaper AND easier! Anyone can make this one.

Just head to the store and stop by the paint section to pick up a couple of the paint strip samples. All you'll need are green and brown strips. Cut out the trees and stick them to a piece of paper! This project was so incredibly simple. And cheap. Next time I'm in town I'll swing by the local dollar store and grab a frame.

Another Successful Project

It's a Saturday. You're ready to do something productive...but you also feel lazy so you want something to be fast and easy. I have a solution! A quick DIY project.

Things you need:
card stock
glitter paper
computer & printer

What to do:

- Go online and find a reindeer or deer head silhouette that gives you good vibes. Go ahead and print it off and cut it out. Or if you're super talented, draw your own. But who has time for that?!

- Trace your deer on the back of your glitter paper. Cut it out.

- Glue (tape, whatever you want to do to make it stick) to a plain sheet of paper. You can add a cute little saying on the bottom corner or just center your deer silhouette.

- Stick in the frame and ta da! You're done. Like I said, quick and easy.

Let's Be Crafty!

Alright, time to give my shout out to Pinterest. Why is that site just so awesome? With the holidays right around the corner, I've decided it's time to start putting those pins to use. So here is the first project of December: A Yarn Wreath.

I didn't even think about taking pictures of my wreath making process but it was so incredibly simple! So instead of telling you what to do, I'm going to help you save on making the wreath.

Things you need:
Glue gun (with glue stick obviously)
Styrofoam wreath
colored felt
1 spool of yarn (are they called spools? I know a lot about being crafty but nothing about sewing or knitting)

Cost/How to save:
Glue gun- if you already own, bam! There's some savings. If you don't own, venture to your nearest craft store and pick up a Low Temperature glue gun. I spent $2.70. Not too shabby.
Glue sticks- $3.99 at Michael's and used a 40% off coupon.
Styrofoam wreath- I think this is the easiest kind of wreath to work with. I us…
Time for one of my favorite quotes!

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. - Dr. Seuss

The reunion.

Oh. My. Goodness. It’s almost Christmas. This is the holiday I start gearing up for in October (and I know many of you hate me for that. Sorry I’m not sorry).

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Thanksgiving. All the food and family. Love it. And then you have Blackout Wednesday. And if you’re from a small town like me, you know your entire high school (whether they’re of age or not) will be getting sloshed at the local bar.

And that’s where this journey begins. At my local bar. The only bar in my hometown. I felt grabbing a drink or two with some friends sounded like a pretty good evening. I’d be ok with maybe running in to some people I haven’t seen in a while. But as I walk into the bar, I see people I have not seen in 6 years. And as they stumble up to me and slur every word, I realized I was not prepared for this.

When I was in high school I was nice to everyone. I really cared what everyone thought of me. And I wanted everyone to like me. I saw quite a few of my frien…

Hapy Birthday To Me!

It’s that time that only comes once a year! MY BIRTHDAY! I still find myself acting the same as I did when I was a child. I go to bed all giddy and excited to wake up not feeling much different than the day before. Birthdays don’t hold the same magic as Christmas, but there’s still something there.
With today’s social media anyone can know it’s your birthday. It always amazes me how many people will wish you a happy birthday and you haven’t talked to them in 5+ years. But then having over 100 people wish you a happy birthday makes you feel a little special.

And then you get those special gifts from your friends and family and your day is starting to go even better.

And then your sister takes you out for ice cream. Even better.

And then you get a surprise letter from your coworkers. This day keeps going up.

And finally, you get a call from a restricted number and the chicken dance is blaring on the other line.
WHAT CAN HAPPEN NEXT? Too bad there’s only 2 hours left of my day…

Surviving the dentist.

I feel like people either like or hate the dentist. And I fall into the hate group. I have never been a fan. There's just something about the smell, the fluoride (NASTY!), the latex gloves in my mouth. Ewwww. After 2 years of procrastination it was time to face my fears. I went to the dentist and survived the cleaning...but the found out I had my first cavity. NOOOOOOOOOO!

As you can imagine, I was terrified. Like shaking. I had a lot of friends and coworkers help calm me down, but as soon as I walked in to the office I started shaking. I did get the pleasure of looking at this lady sitting across from my who looked like a hott mess. I thought to my self, "There is no way you look this bad Ashlyn. No way." I then overheard a conversation a girl was having next to me about how anatomy class is just way too hard. Here's a clip of her conversation -  "Like there's so much memorizing. I didn't really study for the first test so I failed. I studi…


My name is Ashlyn, and I have a problem. I am addicted to nail polish....and shoes...and purses. I mean I feel like most girls/women have this problem, right? I didn't realize how much of the above items I had until I started moving. I had bags that had just bags inside. I had boxes of shoes and 3 shoe racks. I have so many colors of nail polish, I could paint each of my nails (hand and toes) a different well as my friends. I have a problem. But instead of trying to fix it, I just buy more! WHAT THE HECK ASHLYN?!!
Ok I'll be honest, I have gotten so much better with purses and shoes. I think with working a job were moccasins and Sperry's are not part of the attire I have bought less shoes. The problem is I have so many and I just can't decide what to get rid of. My boyfriend confronted me this weekend and told me I needed to get rid of 3/4 of my shoes. Seriously...a girl can't own just ONE pair of tennis shoes, ONE pair of sandals (that coun…

A New Chapter

There are so many things going on in my life right now that I can't keep the straight! And so many things that involve others and their new life journeys. And so much of this hit me last night.
I have been in the process for a month of packing up my apartment. No I am not moving to a new apartment...I am just moving down a floor. Why you ask? My sister, and one of my best friends, will be living with me. If you would have asked us 1 1/2 ago there would have been no way we would have agreed. It's amazing how time changes things. So last night, right before bed, I realized that it was the last night sleeping in the apartment. As as most of you know I am a very sentimental person. So it shouldn't be a shocker that I was a little emotional. It's amazing how much sentimental value that apartment holds. It was my very first place. It was where I learned what it was like to live on my own. It was where I was reminded of all the bills that I needed to take care of …

It's Time.

Holy cow. I have been slacking big time with my blog.
So I was sitting here trying to think about what to write about today. As soon as I got to my office, I had a huge stack of cards to sign for our seniors in the office. Then I noticed all of the Facebook and Twitter post about graduation or ending another year. Then it hit me. A blog about graduation.
It's hard to believe that just a year ago I was finishing up my last semester of college. It seemed like just a year prior to that I was saying goodbye to my family, unpacking my belongings in Cravens Hall and starting my freshman year. My how times flies. Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it. Yes. That is from Ferris Bueller but I had to insert that.
But it's true. I have found that this past year has gone faster than any year yet. And from what I hear, it just gets faster and faster.

Ok, but to last year. I remember getting ready to say goodbye to all th…

Return Home.

It's been 2 weeks since I've been back from my trip to Ireland. I haven't really had a lot of time to sit and think about my trip because ever since I stepped foot in Indianapolis, I felt like I never had the chance to sit and think. Today's the day. I finally have a day to myself and think about my trip.
I want to go back. I do. I want to go back tomorrow. I'm not sure if I want to go back because my sister's still over there or if it's because I really enjoyed the trip. Or maybe it's both. I had a fantastic time. And I miss my sister. When we were leaving for the airport, it didn't hit me until my sister got off the bus that she wasn't coming back with us to the States. And if you know me, you know I am an emotional person so the tears started flowing.

So I guess I learned these things:

1. Everyone must go abroad at least once in their life. It's true, the US has so much for us to see but I think going overseas at least once is…

My Trip to Ireland - Day 8

Today we ventured out of Belfast and in to Dublin for St. Paddy’s Day! It was a very long day. Our train left Belfast at 6:50 am. Let’s just say I fell asleep as soon as I sat down on the train. So we’ll just move to…the arrival in Dublin’ yay!
We seriously had no game plan. And a game plan is crucial with this bunch. After walking around, we decided to get a good “seat” for the parade. So 2 hour before the parade starts, we find our spot and stand. And wait. And get annoyed with people around us. Apparently the European thing to do is show up 30 minutes before the parade and shove your kids to the very front so they can see. Then they say “excuse me, can you move so the children can see?” this did not settle so well with the Americans. We had been standing there for 2 hours so we deserved our spot. And I don’t want kids kicking me, stepping on my feet, and smacking me in the face with their flag. It happened. And then I got the pleasure of having some short woman behind…

My Trip to Ireland- Day 7

I’m gonna make this post quick. Today was our last full day in Belfast (tomorrow we are heading to Dublin). We decided not to have much planned for the day. I thnk this is where it’s important to add in we started with a rainy day.
We started our morning eating breakfast. Breakfast consisted of soda bread, potato bread, bacon, egg, sausage and baked beans. Yep. That’s a traditional breakfast here! We then head to St. George’s market for one last look and come up short. We venture over to city center to walk around and then head to the BBC building. This was our surprise from Hailey. We got to sit it on the taping of a small show. It was pretty interesting. After the show, we decide it’s time to head back for lunch (and yes it’s still raining). Hailey decided she wanted Chinese but mom and I wanted fish and chips. So we drop Hailey off and head the The Bot for fish and chips. Now first I must say that the name The Bot reminds me of The Dot and therefore Degrassi. Second I…

My Trip to Ireland- Day 6

Well I guess I knew the day would come when I wouldn’t have much exciting things to say about our day in Belfast. We met up with Jackie and her son Daniel (these are the people I talked about in my other blogs who are from America and live here now). They took us to Hillsborough. I guess this is where anyone of status (like the US President or the Queen) would come to stay if they were visiting N. Ireland. This little town was very quaint, green and quiet. It was cute. We just walked around the town and chatted about things. We stopped in to a cute little store and then in a bakery, where I ordered a shortbread biscuit. I don’t know why, but the shortbread biscuits here are soooooo yummy! Then we venture down the street in to another cute little store. Mom was having me look at some jewelry and I was saying things like “aw, how cute.” and “I love that!” and “how adorable?!” Then the cashier looks and me and says, “I could just sit and listen to your accent all day. I jus…

My Trip to Ireland- Day 5

I managed to sleep in this morning, after a night of tossing and turning. You see, it all started when my friend that is staying in my apartment while I'm away sent me a message and said her key wasn't working. Longggg story short, I emailed the complex to let her in my apartment so she could check on things. So I hadn't heard anything when I went to bed that night and all I could think about is why didn't the key work. And then I started worrying about when I got back. I got an email today saying they would let her in. She sent me a message that our friend was telling her the wrong apartment number this entire time...whew. sigh of relief...ok back to my day.

So after the stressful night, I slept until 9:30. I took my time getting ready and then mom and I decided to walk around Queens University. We walked around the botanic garden (which was beautiful!!) and then ventured in to the library. You see, there is something very special in this library. One th…

My Trip to Ireland- Day 4

I think I'm starting to adjust to the time a wee bit more. I'm still finding that lunch is the hardest. Dinner, however, is easy! Enough about jet lag and adjusting to time!

On to about my day! (which I am sure you equally care about) Morning started out a little rough. Told mom to wake me up at 8:45...she comes in at 9:25. Now usually I wouldn't complain on catching a few more z's, but when you have to catch a bus at 10 and you have to shower and dry your thick, long hair it's nearly impossible to to get ready in that amount of time. So needless to say the hair wasn't as dry as I would have liked. We hopped on the bus and got to our double decker tour bus. We sat outside. Which was freezing. And my hair was wet, making it worse. The bus tour was pretty great though. We learned all about the history in Ireland,mass where the Titanic was built, and learned some interesting facts.

Once the tour was over, we had about 2 hours to kill so I FINALLY got …

My Trip to Ireland- Day 3

I am exhausted. Mom and I spent the day on a bus tour. And by spending a day, I mean from 9:30am to 7pm. It was pretty sweet though. The bus arrived at our flat and we hopped on. Right away I notice these 3 obnixious college girls from the States. I was already tired so they fueled the fire to my crankiness. We pick up a a few more groups: an elderly couple from Scotland, a quiet couple from England, a duo from Iowa and a family of 6 from Canada. (this is where I should add that the family of 6 had 4 children all under the age of 5...yeahhhh) Our tour guide /bus driver is a loud middle aged Scotsman.

Now I'm gonna jot down some places we went with minor details and while they may not seem exciting on the blog, they were great to see in person! Let's keep in mind that we made a lot of stops...and with the exhaustion, hungry and terrible memory I have I can't remember every one. So we'll just hit the biggest stops

Stop 1: Carrickfergus castle. It's a 12th…

My Trip to Ireland- Days 1 & 2

Well clearly you know I made it to Belfast safely. So we'll fast forward to our arrival! We get through the airport in a breeze, but we have to find the bus to take us to the city center. Sounds easy, right? Ha, you thought I was going to say "well it wasn't easy" but that's where you're wrong. It was easy! Mom and I hop on the bus and between my exhaustion and mad hunger, I manage to open my eyes and look out my window. Ok, ok. I know many people have talked about how green Ireland is...but you don't realize how green it is until you experience for yourself. I mean it's fresh, luscious green. (and for those that are wondering, we did see lots of sheep!)

 Fast forward, we arrive at the city center. Next task, call Anne (the lady we're renting the flat from) and let her know we've arrived. Here's where our first adventure comes in: the pay phone. Let's just say after leaving half of a voicemail and finally reach Anne's …

Mental Block.

Last night, while lying in bed, it came to me - I haven't written a blog post in a really long time. I have been trying to challenge myself to write but I am experiencing an insane block. (I don't even know what this blog is going to be about..I just keep typing) I think these past few weeks my mind has been here and there: trying to gear up with my large event I have to coordinate, leaving for Ireland, getting ready to help out a friend's living situation, and dealing with some STUPID's really hard to focus.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be someone else? Or see how someone else thinks?
I know some of my coworkers and I have. Sometimes you just wonder what posses people to say what they say, talk like they talk, or act like they act, especially when they're grown adults.
There are sometimes I get so stressed or annoyed that I wish I were someone else, or that my life were different. It's times like these that I have to b…

Breast Cancer Awareness

Last night while watching the news, I caught the end of a story about a school banning the "I <3 boobies" bracelets and some kid's dad is suing the school. When I started listening to the story, I thought this was ridiculous. Seriously, you're suing because your 12 year old boy was told not to wear a bracelet that says "I <3 boobies". Then I found out it was the high school in my hometown. Regardless of having a connection to the school or not, my opinion did not change. I felt I needed to let out how I felt about this news story because most people are supporting the kid and the bracelets. Since no one ever reads my blog, I figured this is the best place to let it out.

I have a close relationship with anything to do with breast cancer awareness. My grandmother was a breast cancer survivor. I do whatever I can to help support, but there are some places where I draw the line. I don't know why, but I have always found the bracelets to b…

Ready. Set. Fly!

Ever imagine what it would be like to fly over a street in Indy? I mean I never really thought about it until I heard the zipline was coming for the Super Bowl festivities. I wouldn’t say I am scared of heights, I love roller coasters. But let me tell you, I was a little nervous about this one. After getting all strapped in and helmet on, it was time for me to walk up what seemed like 300 flights of stairs. (After doing a little research, I learned it’s 7 stories high) Here is what makes it worse, the stairs were the steal stairs that you could totally see right through. So as I was walking up all of the stairs, I could see everything below me. Let’s just say I was hanging on for dear life. And then you get to the very top…holy cow. Breath. Taking.

1. breath taking- it was so beautiful to see the city and all of the people up there.
2. breath taking- HOLY COW I AM SO HIGH AND ABOUT TO JUMP OFF????!!!

After getting a little calmer from talking with the worker, it was tim…

A New Chapter.

Man, I usually like to try and be funny or witty..but today will be different.
Today my sister left for Ireland. Hailey and I are 20 months apart. Yes, we have had our up and downs…but who doesn’t?! I can’t even tell you the longest we’ve been apart. I thought the day would come when I was in college and it was her turn to pick a college. But then she too picked UIndy! I thought the time would come when I graduated college…but I got a job at UIndy!
So today we’re about to test it all. I have been a wreck the past few hours. It’s been difficult so far. But one of my best friends posted on my sister’s wall and suddenly things didn’t seem so bad. So I leave you with this:

Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You’re on your own.  And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go.
Words for the greatest- Dr. Seuss. Pe…

Let's Talk About Being A "Grown-Up"

When you’re younger all you can imagine is what your life will be like when you’re “all grown-up”. So let’s just fast forward…you’re in college and tired of sitting in class, listening to lectures, writing papers, studying for finals and GROUP PROJECTS. And then when you realize you are near graduation, suddenly growing up doesn’t seem so magical or glamorous. I am proud to say that I have just completed my 8th month in the grown-up/work world. I would say there are definitely some pro’s and con’s of working verses college. Here is a small list of what I came up with (more to come later):

College V. Being a Grown Up

1. A pro: NO HOMEWORK/FINALS! Ok, so there are some times you have to give up time on the weekend or stay a little late after work to get a project done. But here’s the good news, no homework or finals. So when you and your college sibling visit home, you have time to relax and have fun. Meanwhile, your sibling is studying their brains out and stressing …