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Project Life- More Highlights

Like I said earlier, I've so been on a roll with my book! Here are some more pictures of my "highlights" section of my book.

First up- The Commies! 

Next- Graduation from UIndy!

I was lucky to find some leftover holiday cards at Michael's that match UIndy's colors.

PL- The Highlights

As mentioned in the previous post, I've started to work on "The Highlights" of my Project Life book. It's been a little tricky with such limited supply, but I've made it work. (And I've made MULTIPLE trips to the craft stores.)

And now...

I present...
Drum roll please!

The Start of Ashlyn's Highlights!

First up- my trip to Oregon! I really wanted these pages to look clean and crisp, like Oregon's air. 
Ok that was lame..but it's so true. If you've ever been to the west coast you know exactly what I mean!

There were just so many pictures I wanted to add of Multnomah Falls!

Again, it's pretty simple. I think I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for some stickers for these pages. Just to spruce it up a little. But I'm also a fan of the simplicity. Plus the simpler your layout, the fast it is to complete!

 Of course I had to make a page for my first job out of college. My job requires a lot of travel to southern Indiana, so I thought it w…

My Newest Discovery - Project Life

When my parents were building our house back in the early 2000s, there was one thing my mom insisted on- having cabinets in our laundry room for scrapbooking. I was never really in to the scrapbook scene growing mom always did it for us. I have a scrapbook from middle school, one dedicated to our 8th grade trip to D.C., a book for high school, and one just for band. Scrapbooking was my moms outlet. It always seemed that I was all gun-hoe about it and by the time we'd pull all of the materials out to the table, I was done. I just got overwhelmed so easily. How could I fill up a 12x12 page and make it look good?

Thanks to an old friend from high school's blog, I've made a new discovery- Project Life. I was looking at her pictures and was so intrigued by this new way to scrapbook so I decided to do some research (and yes I even created a Pinterest board).

After my research, I wasn't too sure if this was truly for me. Documenting every week for a year? I'm al…

Can You Feel The Love Tonight...

Growing up with your parents owning a Hallmark store makes it hard not to over do it on the holidays. I blame that store for my need to decorate for every holiday (except for Presidents Day, MLK Day, Columbus get the idea). And for the reason I am constantly buying holiday decor, even if it's buying Christmas merchandise in June. My Christmas decor just came down last week and I'm feeling the need to be festive. It would figure the next holiday is my least favorite...

Valentine's Day. You either love it or hate it. When I was in elementary I loved it! Handing out Disney Princess, Rolie Polie Olie, or cute baby animal valentines. (And yes, I was the kid with the awesome shoebox that everyone was jealous over) And the candy. That was the life.

Then we get old. Your classmates don't bring you glittery Lisa Frank or Marvel Superhero valentines and they don't give you candy. Instead you have to find a boyfriend to get this (well the candy at least). And that'…

A Happy New Year

Facebook can be a great tool to find out the latest dirt on your high school nemesis. And it can also be a tool to remind you of how uneventful your life is.

I decided to ring in the new year browsing my news feed, being reminded of all the 2013 weddings, life accomplishments from 2012, parties in the city to ring in the year. As I sit here watching My Fair Lady, still in my pjs, I try and figure out what my brag points are for the year. They all seem so minuscule compared to my Facebook peeps. But I don't feel a darn bit bad about it. I love musicals! I love wearing elastic waistbands and T-shirts! But really, I've had a year of happiness and sorrow just like many others. I've had the joy of spending much time with my family, surviving (I mean celebrating!!) over 4 years with Brandon, celebrating marriages of some of my best friends (as well as engagements too!), and continuing to have a steady job where I'm surrounded by some of my friends. And I would not trade that…