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The Joy of Pinterest and Indiana Weather

Oh Indiana weather, how art thou? I'll tell you. Sucky. Yep. It's absolutely disgusting outside. Last night we got slammed with the Icecapades. And who wants to travel in that mess? Not me...or my sister. So last night we decided to have It'sSnowingSleetingWeDon'tWantToGoOut Baking Madness 2013! So with our mad baking skills, and the help of Pinterest, we had an Irish themed baking night.

First up- Bailey's Irish Cream Cupcakes! It was all Hailey on this recipe. But I was the official taste tester. And I have to say they turned out pretty good! We couldn't taste the Bailey's too much after they had baked, so if you really want the flavor don't be afraid to add more! You can find the recipe here! Of course, ours look pretty different than the pictures. We used an almond frosting and added a little bit of Irish Cream to it. Made the frosting pretty messy...but still yummy!

Next- Honey Beer Bread. Mmmmmm. Bread. Who doesn't love bread? But  here's t…

Project Life 2013

A-holy-smokes. I did not realized how beyond far behind I am on my post about Project Life! My apologies- because I'm sure you're all super mad at me for it...right....

 Enough with the chit chat. Let's get started!

TA-DA! A cover page! YAY!

Here are weeks 1 and 2 of January. I decided to just to a one page layout. And after I decided that, I noticed some of my weeks are way more exciting than now I'm contemplating make a 2 page layout for each week. I also have to add that I didn't decide to actually document my weeks until after these 2 weeks were over. So I think that made these a little less exciting.

Everyone say it with me now- OOOOOOOOOOOOO! AHHHHHHHHHH!

And now weeks 3 & 4! Week 4 is missing a picture. I don't print my pictures from home and this makes it tricky. Typically I get 2-4 weeks worth of pictures at one time. And that's what puts me behind.

And another OOOOOO and AHHHHH moment. I wish I could say I've been better with…

Sweet Valentine

Surprise, surprise. Today is one of my least favorite "holidays". I don't have to even explain why. Because it's the same reason as everyone else who hates today. But I have to admit that I've been growing more and more fond of this day. Why you ask? And no, it's not because I have a boyfriend.

As I sit at my desk listening to Michael Bolton....bahaha ano. Do you really think I'd be listening to that garbage today? Anyway, I realize I forgot my breakfast at home. Lucky for me cupid delivered a little Valentine gift- CHOCOLATE. Today is the one day that it's totally acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, right?! I mean just think about it.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Valentine's Day is all  about chocolate. That's the love and happiness. Chocolate will be your date this Valentine's and he will never disappoint.

PL- 2012

Here we go! Two more pages are finished of my PL Highlight section. I'm starting to feel incredibly accomplished. I've been chugging away on getting some of the pages done of my favorite memories from 2012. 

Every we year travel to Chicago the day for Black Friday. I never manage to take very many pictures but happened to take a few this year.
A lot of my close friends tied the knot in 2012! I didn't save any of their actual invitations (because at the time I wasn't thinking about scrapbooking them). But I did save 3 of the Save the Date magnets and one of the thank you cards! What a great way to remember by friends' special days :)

PL- Ireland

Well friends, I've been a busy worker bee! I think I'm close to being done with my trip to Ireland. I have a ton more pictures, but decided to edit it down. Feel free to scroll down and see some of my work!

Sorry for the blurry picture- you still get the idea!

I was trying to make my trip not too green, but that started to make things tricky.

And in comes all the green..whoops! I did want my pages for St. Patrick's Day to be green, I managed to make a few days before then green too. Green is my favorite color, so what can I say?

It was really easy to find St. Pat's Day stickers. And it was really hard to find Ireland stickers. I did manage to score a sticker book of just shamrocks from JoAnn Fabrics for $1..Ashlyn for the win.