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Dreams Do Come True

Ferris Bueller was so right -
Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. My life has been busy, so I've done a horrible job at blogging. BUT NOW I HAVE SOMETHING FABULOUS TO WRITE ABOUT- The proposal at Disney World!

*Warning* This post could make others nauseous with the overwhelming amount of cuteness and romanticness (is that even a word? Is now.) Read at your own risk. But really, you should read. Because it's cute. And I said so.

It all started back in January when Brandon drove to my parents house to tell them the news and ask for their permission. Immediately my parents asked how they could help. Minutes later, my mom brings out my Grandma Irene's engagement ring and tells him she'd be honored if he could somehow use it. After weeks of Brandon e-mailing my mom, he had the proposal all figured out.

My mom put the ring in her purse the night before we left for Disney. My dad had asked her about 50 times that day wher…