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Hapy Birthday To Me!

It’s that time that only comes once a year! MY BIRTHDAY! I still find myself acting the same as I did when I was a child. I go to bed all giddy and excited to wake up not feeling much different than the day before. Birthdays don’t hold the same magic as Christmas, but there’s still something there.
With today’s social media anyone can know it’s your birthday. It always amazes me how many people will wish you a happy birthday and you haven’t talked to them in 5+ years. But then having over 100 people wish you a happy birthday makes you feel a little special.

And then you get those special gifts from your friends and family and your day is starting to go even better.

And then your sister takes you out for ice cream. Even better.

And then you get a surprise letter from your coworkers. This day keeps going up.

And finally, you get a call from a restricted number and the chicken dance is blaring on the other line.
WHAT CAN HAPPEN NEXT? Too bad there’s only 2 hours left of my day…

Surviving the dentist.

I feel like people either like or hate the dentist. And I fall into the hate group. I have never been a fan. There's just something about the smell, the fluoride (NASTY!), the latex gloves in my mouth. Ewwww. After 2 years of procrastination it was time to face my fears. I went to the dentist and survived the cleaning...but the found out I had my first cavity. NOOOOOOOOOO!

As you can imagine, I was terrified. Like shaking. I had a lot of friends and coworkers help calm me down, but as soon as I walked in to the office I started shaking. I did get the pleasure of looking at this lady sitting across from my who looked like a hott mess. I thought to my self, "There is no way you look this bad Ashlyn. No way." I then overheard a conversation a girl was having next to me about how anatomy class is just way too hard. Here's a clip of her conversation -  "Like there's so much memorizing. I didn't really study for the first test so I failed. I studi…