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I DID IT! Last PL 2013 Post

Whew. I did it. I can check one of my 2014 goals off the list. I finished my 2013 Project Life album.

Like always, I started out strong. Then towards the end I lost momentum. I just wanted to be done. Maybe I'll go back and add more to the pages, change them up a bit. But for now it's finished. And I'm happy.

week of November 10-16- I'm sure you noticed my lovely eye picture- sorry about that. But this week was more about pictures, and less about journaling.

week of November 17- 23 - More eye pictures...sorry (or am I?!). This week we celebrated Thanksgiving with Brandon's family since we were going to be in Hawaii the next week. Like usual, I forgot to take pictures at Thanksgiving. One day I'll take a day.

week of November 24-30- HAWAII! This is my next project- work on my Hawaii pages in my trip book.
week of  December 1-7- Man. The lighting for the pictures are terrible. Sorry! As you can tell, again, I'm not a huge journaling fan. My goal i…