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I've never been a fan of Halloween. Ever. When I was a child, I was terrified of a paper witch my parents would hang up in our house at Halloween. I also HATED going down the Halloween aisle with all of the masks. It wasn't until just a few years ago I finally walked down that aisle. Embarrassing? Only slightly. Want to know what's even more embarrassing? The Haunted Mansion at Disney World scared the bageezous out of me.

I'm a totally scaredy cat. Any time of the year. But especially this time of the year. What makes it even worse- Halloween is my fiance's favorite holiday.

So to get in the spirit of celebrating things that terrify me, I decided it was time to make another wreath. I am proud to say that Brandon helped me on this one too!

How cute is this wreath? Ok, I can't take all of the credit for this. I need to give a shout out to Pinterest for helping me come up with this wreath. (Here's the link for my inspiration.)

Wondering what I used for my wre…

Sometimes I hate my big heart.

Have you ever taken a personality assessment? I did in high school but I haven't in sometime. Plus I know present day Ashlyn is a little different than high school Ashlyn.  I recently decided to take one to see what my 5 strengths were. There was zero surprise when my first strength was revealed- empathy. And I knew that with being empathetic that also accounted for my emotions.

I've always been told I have a big heart. I've been told I can be a little dramatic at times. I've been told I find the good in people and that I love. And I love a lot.

When I was younger, I remember crying in movies. I cried when Mighty Joe Young was in the trailer and stuck his fingers out of the hole to wave at the little boy. I cried during Bambi...ok well who didn't cry during Bambi?! But I've found over the years I've gotten worse at watching movies. I would say I cry in 90% of the movies I watch. Yes, I cry a lot. I cry during the sad parts, and I cry from laughing so much. …

let the wedding madness begin.

So I was never one of those little girls that always dreamed of my wedding like this: a massive princess wedding dress, a horse and carriage bringing me to this massive church, there's lots of glitter, and everything is pink and perfect. Just perfect.

Honestly, I don't know what I thought my wedding would be like when I was younger. I thought it would be fun, I'd look pretty, marry the man I love very much, and eat a lot of cake. And really that sounds like my idea now.

As you know, I've been a DIYer most of my life. So I knew this wedding would be no exception. I knew I wouldn't spend crazy amounts at the florist for flowers. I knew there would be NO wedding planner, that's my job! But I still expected some magic in planning...

...and then comes the part where you try and decide where you want to get married and the date. I honestly thought this would be so much easier than it was. At first I was completely against outdoor weddings. They can beautiful...but...…

Project Life 2013

I've come to terms that I will always be behind on my Project Life book. Always. I was feeling pretty good about catching up and then...dun dun planning came in. What?! Wedding planning getting in the way of life? No...never.

I am happy to say that a date has been set for the wedding, as well as locations. Next week my mom and I are traveling to the first store to look at dresses. I think that will have to be a blog all in itself. Wedding Adventures with Ashlyn and Her Mom. Stay tuned for more on that. This could be comical.

Now let's get to it, shall we?

The 4th of July! - I had some cute PL cards for this so I wanted to dedicate a page just for the 4th. I didn't have enough pictures from just the holiday so I had to include my weekend as well.

Will you be my bridesmaid?! Over the holiday weekend I also asked 4 of the 5 girls to be my bridesmaids. A page just for these beauties :)

week of July 8th- My first day of work! YAY! So much excitement...and nerve…