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Fresh Start

It should be no surprise. I've always been crafty. When my mom design our laundry room she made sure to install cabinets and a counter for crafting. My school projects were always the bomb. I was THAT kid that when way over the top on my poster- adding fun colored back grounds, funky letter cut-outs, and themed stickers. Mom has everything you could ever imagine/want in her craft supplies.

And then I went off to college. Suddenly my posters started looking a little more drab. Every time I'd come home on the weekends, I'd be sure to stock up on supplies.

And then I graduated and got my own place. And wouldn't venture home as often. I realized I was growing up and my craft supplies needed to do the same.

So I've decided to create a list of what I consider essentials for your craft supply. Keep in mind that it's continually growing!

Adhesive Runner- These guys are awesome and mess free.
Personal Paper Trimmer- If you're anything like me, I can't cut a straig…

I'm on FIRE!

I think I was bitten by the creative bug this weekend. That or I needed something to do while sitting and watching football. Yesterday was a super productive day for me so I decided to end my weekend with one last project: DIY paint swatch calendar.

Things you'll need:
- Some type of adhesive
- Paint swatches
- frame (I used an 11x16 from Walmart. $5)
- scissors or paper cutter
- corner rounder- optional

What to do:

I took the easy way out on this one. I found some Valspar swatches I really liked at Lowes and was able to cut them down. You can see that there are 3 swatches per sheet. I decided not to cut out the swatches individually because I don't have the patience to line them all up perfectly.

Just simply trim down your swatches, round the corners, and adhere to the paper! I went ahead and wrote the days on the swatches because those will never change. I would say the most tedious part was rounding the corners. 

If I make this again, which I think I will, I may try and …

Easy DIY Project

I posted a pretty easy and inexpensive DIY project yesterday, but I found one that's even cheaper AND easier! Anyone can make this one.

Just head to the store and stop by the paint section to pick up a couple of the paint strip samples. All you'll need are green and brown strips. Cut out the trees and stick them to a piece of paper! This project was so incredibly simple. And cheap. Next time I'm in town I'll swing by the local dollar store and grab a frame.

Another Successful Project

It's a Saturday. You're ready to do something productive...but you also feel lazy so you want something to be fast and easy. I have a solution! A quick DIY project.

Things you need:
card stock
glitter paper
computer & printer

What to do:

- Go online and find a reindeer or deer head silhouette that gives you good vibes. Go ahead and print it off and cut it out. Or if you're super talented, draw your own. But who has time for that?!

- Trace your deer on the back of your glitter paper. Cut it out.

- Glue (tape, whatever you want to do to make it stick) to a plain sheet of paper. You can add a cute little saying on the bottom corner or just center your deer silhouette.

- Stick in the frame and ta da! You're done. Like I said, quick and easy.

Let's Be Crafty!

Alright, time to give my shout out to Pinterest. Why is that site just so awesome? With the holidays right around the corner, I've decided it's time to start putting those pins to use. So here is the first project of December: A Yarn Wreath.

I didn't even think about taking pictures of my wreath making process but it was so incredibly simple! So instead of telling you what to do, I'm going to help you save on making the wreath.

Things you need:
Glue gun (with glue stick obviously)
Styrofoam wreath
colored felt
1 spool of yarn (are they called spools? I know a lot about being crafty but nothing about sewing or knitting)

Cost/How to save:
Glue gun- if you already own, bam! There's some savings. If you don't own, venture to your nearest craft store and pick up a Low Temperature glue gun. I spent $2.70. Not too shabby.
Glue sticks- $3.99 at Michael's and used a 40% off coupon.
Styrofoam wreath- I think this is the easiest kind of wreath to work with. I us…
Time for one of my favorite quotes!

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. - Dr. Seuss