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Things I Thought I Would NEVER Say: It's time for a lifestyle change

It's been a long time coming....I've decided it was time to make some serious changes to my lifestyle. And, I've decided to document it!

I wasn't super active in staying healthy in college, but I did A LOT of walking. It's amazing how something as simple as walking can help. But let's be honest, walking was about as healthy as it got for this girl. I lived on cookie dough, Taco Bell, chicken nuggets, Crazy the ALL YOU CAN EAT DINING COURT! I hated food like lettuce, brussel sprouts, heck, anything green. My friends would joke and call me Ashlyn "I love brown food" Shaffer. When asked my favorite food I quickly replied with, "Carbs count, right?!"

After college it was difficult to motivate myself to stay active. I found every excuse to not workout. I would tell myself, "there simply isn't enough time in the day to get things done" and forgo the workout. But on lived the Taco Bell, pasta, chicken nuggets, bread die…