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Project Life 2013

No excuses. Life is always crazy. I just have to remind myself that that's a good thing sometimes.

Let's get to it shall we? Here are a few more pages from my Project Life book.

Week of June 16th- This week Brandon and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary a little early with reliving our very first date, Dave Matthews concert.

week of June 23rd- this week I was gearing up to see my new freshmen come for summer registration! And this was my last summer reg at UIndy.

 weekend of June 23rd and June 26- these 2 weekends were incredibly busy for me. They were my last 2 weekends in Indy! One of my dear friends was getting ready to move to Austin so we had a get together for her. The next weekend I said goodbye to Indy with going to some of my favorite places.

week of June 30th- Ok I cheated on this one. My life was so busy getting ready for the move that I made a page dedicated to my last day of work.

Well that does it for today! More to come soon...I hope!

Tales of THE LAST WEEK from the Hilly, Nauseating Road.

Here's the last of the archives of my journal of last year's travel adventures!

I did it! I made it! I survived! Southern Indiana and I have shared some quality time together..but I’m ready to break up.
The last 2 weeks I’ve had a car that doesn’t have Sirius. Ugh. But I’m dumb and realized I could totally hook up my iPod about 3/4 the way through. And thus I give you #onlyonashlynsipod (I felt a hashtag was necessary for this). So…

I heard Amy Grant (so one of my guilty pleasures from my childhood. Hey, we all have them.) followed by Without Me- Eminem #onlyonashlynsipod
Blink 182 followed by the stud of a crooner Michael Buble #onlyonashlynsipod
Another One Bites the Dust by Queen then Lovebug by the JoBros #onlyonashlynsipod
Gosh. I have such great taste in music.
Here we go..for the last time this season!

- Prior to these last 2 weeks I haven’t been on the road as much. My fantasy team had taken a beating during that time. I didn’t have lunch visits to spend upda…

Fall Splendor

It's been a while since I made a wreath...a long while. I'm pretty sure the last one I made was my Easter one.

I always mean to take pictures of all of my supplies and I always forget. So I'll just give you the ONLY picture I took...and it's dark. I'm really winning on this one.

Things you need:
Glue gun (with glue stick obviously)
Styrofoam wreath
colored felt
1 thing of yarn
plastic pumpkins (I found mine at Michaels)
grapevine magic thing (I have no idea what it's called but I got mine at JoAnn's)

Cost/How to save:
Glue gun- if you already own, bam! There's some savings. If you don't own, venture to your nearest craft store and pick up a Low Temperature glue gun. I spent $2.70. Not too shabby.
Glue sticks- $3.99 at Michael's and used a 40% off coupon.
Styrofoam wreath- I think this is the easiest kind of wreath to work with. I used a 14" wreath that coast $4.99 at Hobby Lobby. And used a 40% off coupon from their we…

Tales of Week 4 from the Hilly, Nauseating Road.

Here's another page of my journal of last year's travel adventures!

The end is near, I can see it. (Actually the end is already here because I’m writing this 2 weeks late. Go Ashlyn.)
This week of travel is one I dreaded the most- 4 night hotel stay in Evansville. NOOOOOOOOO. That means I have to figure out how to spend my evenings in lovely Evansville..please be nice to me Eville (see what I did there..because I think Evansville is evil.)

Random story from the road time! Remember when we were younger and the boys totally thought there were couches in the girls bathroom? And we totally told them there were? Well…I hit the holy grail this week. I walked into the faculty bathroom and TA-DAAAAAAA! There in front of me sat a large couch. I had only ever imagined of such a thing. Did my dreams finally come true?! If you honestly think my dreams would be finding a couch in a bathroom, you’re dumb and wrong. My dreams are way going on a shopping spree, snow of Christmas…

Project Life Catch Up!

Who's life hasn't been crazy lately? Ever since the start of school, I feel like my life has been on fast forward. They joys of working for a university!

I thought my extra long holiday weekend last weekend would allow for a lot of catch up time..I was wrong. Don't get me wrong, it was great spending time with family and friends but I was ready to go to town on my Project Life book. But I also needed a little R&R.

Let's just get to it shall we? Enjoy!

week of May 26th- This week consisted of a ton of friend time!

week ofJune 2nd- Sometimes I look at my pictures and think 'man, my life is so exciting' and sometimes I look back and think 'wow. I need some pizzazz...' I'd say this was a week needing pizzazz.

weekend ofJune 7&8- Now my weekend, there was more action to that one! We had the chance to celebrate my sister's birthday a few days early. Even though it's not as exciting as a child's birthday, we still had fun.

week of June 9t…

Tales of Week 3 from the Hilly, Nauseating Road.

Here's another page of my journal of last year's travel adventures!

So last week I had this started…but didn’t save it. And not I don’t remember anything I was going to say.
Well, we’re 1/2 way through Ashlyn’s travel season! Week 3 was so easy to motivate myself because it was only 3 days of travel. And it was all close. Since it’s a shorter week, there wasn’t too much that happened…

The Good-
- Little Caesar Crazy Bread. Yum. Yep. That was totally my dinner one night of travel. So worth it.
- With some down time, I had the chance for Christmas card shopping! Whoot!
- My hotel greeted me with warm cookies.
- I had some girl come up to me during a lunch visit and say I have really great style. Totally confidence boost. The very next day I had a girl tell her friend I looked “so old” longer feeling so great.
- I watched 2 boys have a pretend fight with pretend lasers. Sounds effects included.

The Bad-
-You know you’re craving food, other than fast food,…