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Tales of Week 2 from the Hilly, Nauseating Road.

Here's another page of my journal of last year's travel adventures!

 This last week has flown by, thank goodness. These first few weeks of travel have been pretty lucky - I get to sleep in my bed most of the nights. I really can’t complain too much. I chatted with a counselor this last week who told me he’s on the road for a solid 9 weeks. His closest school is 3 hours away from his college. Yikes. That’s A LOT of travel. Suddenly life doesn’t seem so bad.

This week I had the chance to deal with some interesting students and parents. I’m so use to the typical “Hi! Let me know if you have any questions about the university.” that when someone says something I don’t expect, it totally throws off my game. So imagine with’s 7:40 and your fair is almost over. You’re thinking about how you can’t wait to get in the car and drive 2 hours back to sleep in your own bed. And you’re trying to figure out what fast food sounds the most appetizing (which is a task all in its own). Th…

My Creativity Has Returned!

Note to self- whenever I want to accomplish something, post about it on my blog. I have finally accomplished some scrapbooking AND some wedding planning. Look at me go! It just took a little bit of guilt from posting about it...and TA-DA!

So where to begin? I've accomplished so much. Ok, well really not a lot...but compared to the last 2 months it's A LOT.

Let's start with some scrapbooking shall we?

But not right away. First we need to admire my lovely salsa I canned this weekend. Yes. I also canned salsa this week. No big deal. I received an e-mail from my dad asking if I was coming home. It was followed by CANNING IS FUN! I NEED YOUR HELP. He must have been desperate. And I knew I would get to keep some for myself so I figured why not? So let's take a minute to admire all of those tomatoes I juiced, the peppers, jalapenos and onions I cut (and shed tears for), and the minutes I spent over the warm stove stirring this deliciousness. Best part- it's all home grow…

Tales of Week 1 from the Hilly, Nauseating Road.

Last year around this time, I decided to write down some of my adventures to Southern Indiana while traveling for my old job. I figured it's time to share some of these adventures. Enjoy!

Most people think staying in hotels and eating out for a week sounds like a pretty nice time..but chances are they haven’t done that..ever. I’ve decided it’s time to keep entries of my travels this year. Last year I was the new counselor. I had no idea what to expect. This year I at least have an idea, but there’s still room for surprises!
Let me start off by saying southern Indiana is beautiful…and big…and has so many curvy roads. So many. Like to the point where I sometimes I have slow down because I’m starting to feel car sick. It’s so great. What makes it even more great is when you’re on your way to your VERY FIRST visit and the traffic is completely stopped. Dead stop. Man, I was on a roll too! So instead of 25 minutes early I was 25 minutes late. I thought things could only go up. Guess w…


Still haven't had much time to get my crafting on. I MISS IT! I think this weekend will be an attempt to get a few things done with scrapbooking. My Project Life- Ashlyn's Year is still stuck in the beginning of May. Oye. I think if I can get at least one week done this weekend, I'll feel better. And I say only one week because I received an e-mail from my father today saying "CANNING IS FUN! I NEED YOUR HELP THIS WEEKEND." Oh boy, can't wait.

In other news, fall is around the corner and this girl needs to make a wreath! I've already started pinning some ideas on Pinterest. And walking to in Hobby Lobby and Michaels has given me some ideas. Anyone have any fun ideas?

Come back next week for a new crafting post. There, I said it. That means I have to get one up now.

But in the mean time, I'll leave you with a picture of this awesome origami owl I skills are getting crazy guys. Actually I had to learn how to make origami cranes for a service p…