Marching On....

That title...oh boy. My wittiness is just at a whole new level. Just kidding. It's bad, I know, but it will do.

Alright, so we are almost two and half months in (this all started January 2nd). For some reason I felt like February was a bit of a dud. I don't know why but I just felt like I wasn't shedding the weight like I did in January. And then March rolls along and I feel like March has been a big time dud. Enough is enough. I decided to really take a look at my weight loss and wrote it all down on a sticky note (reminder- MUST. DESTROY. STICKY. NOTE.). After looking at the weekly log ins, I found the following...

1. I tried to tell myself I would log my weight weekly after I QUICKLY realized daily weigh ins were DESTROYING my self esteem. It's crazy how much your body weight can fluctuate. HOWEVER, once I would drop a pound or two I would anxiously get back on the scale to see if I had shed another half a pound or so...and guess what? I would only log when I did...geesh. Totally defeats the purpose. I did get better in February...but I still saw an occasion logging two days after my initial Saturday weigh in. Time to get back on track.

2. January's grand total was -13.4 pounds! WOW. No wonder I felt like February wasn't going as well. I think what happened was I saw a huge drop in my first few weeks (January 2 to 16 was 8 pounds!!!).

3. February's grand total was -10 pounds. That's still solid. I kept telling myself February was a short month, so that helped a little ;)

4. March's total so far is at -4.8 pounds. ASHLYN, we are only two weeks in to March! This is not bad!

5. GRAND TOTAL is - 28.2 pounds. I should feel great but I feel like what has killed me is the projected weight in MyFitnessPal. For those of you not familiar with the app, it will tell you if you continued to eat the way you did how much you'd weigh in 5 weeks. So the number I keep seeing every day is always MUCH lower than the weight I currently am at....which I think is what's making this progress seem so slow. I also swear it had me weighing at least -20 pounds down in the middle of February. So, combine that with my current weight makes it seem like I'm only -8 pounds down in nearly the same time frame for this month. Does that make sense? The app currently has me down exactly 20 pounds in 5 weeks. First of all, that would be awesome if that does become true. Secondly, I'm writing this here so we can revisit my theory in 5 weeks...

All in all, I feel BETTER than I did about my total weight loss after writing this all out. Sometimes it just takes a moment to take a step back and reflect. 


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