April showers won't shed the weight.....

HOLY COW. Where has April gone?? I cannot believe how quickly this month has flown by. I've been meaning to write my post regarding MyFitness Pal weight forever and just haven't gotten around to it.

Today is the day.

Long story short. No, I didn't not drop the 20 pounds my app said I would if I kept eating the same. So yes, I've stopped using that feature. I don't even look at it now. I just realized it was too discouraging for me. I was losing weight but not at the rate my app would show and that was a bummer for me.

Also, I finally reached the point where I didn't lose anything...and I gained a pound. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. I know, I know. ONE POUND, why are you fretting Ashlyn?! Because I'm truly shocked. Here's the story....

...we went to Disney. BUT I did my best at watching what I ate and watched my portion sizes. Okay, so I didn't eat super healthy all of the time, but I didn't pig out either. I also walked over 30,000 steps in ONE DAY. I thought there was no way I would have gained weight...and I did...and I felt terrible.

My husband was great about my mini meltdown. He told me that was great for being on vacation and not being super mindful about the calories and he was still proud of me. Of course, he quickly reminded me on our walk that we should do another lap to help with that extra pound....but I still love him ;)

As you know, I've been dropping the pounds left and right. And, as you know, everyone says you'll reach your plateau. I knew this was it. This was that moment they talk about when the weight isn't as easy to lose (wait, is it ever "easy"?? Heck no).

So when I got back I started being careful about what I ate and walking after work every night. I dropped the pound a week after we were home. I felt like that stupid pound took forever to shake.

Then I weighed myself last night because I have been really mindful about my calories and exercise since our return home. I finally started to shed some weight. Whew. And I'm happy to say that I am .8 pounds away from being down 40 pounds!

My April total (as of today) is -6 pounds from my beginning weight in April. I can't be mad about that. I'm still making progress and people are finally starting to notice. Heck, I've started to notice. Sadly, it's still true that the places I really want gone will be the last to go...but I'll keep working on it!


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