Slowly but surely.

I'm starting to sense a trend. I feel like I've been starting every blog with, "Where has the month gone?" But in all seriousness, I cannot believe it's almost June. I think I secretly keep hoping May will be a little longer so I can drop a few more pounds....

So April wasn't a great month for me, or at least I felt like it wasn't. I lost a total of 7 pounds. I wasn't happy but the more I reflect back on April, the more happy I am about the 7 pounds. Seven pounds is still a good dent. It's better than gaining weight. It's better than -5 pounds. I have to remember that I'm over half way to my goal (I'm at 63% of my goal..but who's counting!). I should be proud of that...although as I'm typing all of this, I'm starting to rethink my goal. My initial goal was -73 pounds....I'm thinking my new goal is going to be -90 pounds. I picked my first goal because I knew it would be a lot of hard work and I would be happy at that weight, but now I'm thinking how great it would be to get closer to my high school That would be crazy. Ok. So I paused for a minute so I changed MyFitnessPal goal to -90 pounds. I did it. Now let's see how long this new goal takes. So now I have 53% of my goal completed. I still feel good about that.

Ok. Back to May.

I feel like May has been a little better but still pretty slow. I'm currently at -5.8 pounds. You would think I wouldn't be as happy due to my attitude in April, but I went on a week vacation this month. I spent time at Niagara Falls and going to Chicago Cubs games, as well as having my sister's bridal shower. I tried being mindful but it was a challenge all week long. I do have to brag about Wrigley Field. They put the calorie count right on the sign next to the prices. This was awesome. I saw a giant helmet of nachos that looked oh soooooo good. I knew they wouldn't be super healthy but I still wanted them. That was until I saw they were 2300 calories.

I wasn't as good with logging my food so I truly have no idea how many calories I consumed last week. I did weigh myself first thing this morning and I'm down two pounds since May 13 (so just barely over a week). It's crazy that I gained a pound while I was at Disney (four days) but lost two pounds during a week's vacation....which I was only able to hit my step target one day. ONE FREAKIN DAY. Oh well. I can't dwell on the past. I must move forward.

So what next? Well, I was hoping to be a little thinner for my sister's shower. It seemed like it was so far away and then I quickly realized there was no time left. So the shower has come and gone. Then I realized last night that I need to set my eyes on her wedding. Of course, I don't want to outshine her (hahahaha) but she's much smaller than I am so I think we'll be safe here. My goal is to be down a total of 70 pounds by September 23 (which would pretty much hit my initial weight loss goal, so I feel better about raising it now).

There. I said it here so now I have to do this goal, too. I'm currently down a total of -46 pounds. We have roughly 17ish weeks till the wedding, Essentially my new goal for September would mean -1.5 pounds a week so that would put me at -25.5 pounds. We know I won't always reach my goal, but -1.5 pounds sounds doable, right???

Man. I just set some high goals in this post. See what writing does to me?! Maybe that's why I've gotten in the habit of only posting once a month ;)


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