Another Successful Project

It's a Saturday. You're ready to do something productive...but you also feel lazy so you want something to be fast and easy. I have a solution! A quick DIY project.

Things you need:
card stock
glitter paper
computer & printer

What to do:

- Go online and find a reindeer or deer head silhouette that gives you good vibes. Go ahead and print it off and cut it out. Or if you're super talented, draw your own. But who has time for that?!

- Trace your deer on the back of your glitter paper. Cut it out.

- Glue (tape, whatever you want to do to make it stick) to a plain sheet of paper. You can add a cute little saying on the bottom corner or just center your deer silhouette.

- Stick in the frame and ta da! You're done. Like I said, quick and easy.


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