33 Days of Changes.

Folks, we're 33 days in to my lifestyle change. It's definitely been an interesting adventure. I was just emailing back and forth with my dad about the journey thus far and his sweet words made it all worth it. I've been lucky enough to have a very supportive family and my husband who has been willing to not eat Taco Bell in front of me....he's too kind. 

So, 33 days in and we're down nearly 14 pounds. I've been watching what I eat, eating smaller portions, and getting light workouts in every night. Here's a more precise description of what I've been doing:

- Watching what I eat- I've been counting all of my calories via MyFitness Pal. Oye. This was rough. Actually, what was rough was typing in to see what the calorie count was of that cookie I was craving and see how many of my overall daily calories it was taking from.That one cookie would be my lunch. Can I survive just eating a cookie for lunch? Hell no. I'm not one of those people who can just eat ice cream for dinner. Girl needs substance. I could not survive on a cookie. PS- with my current weight and the amount I want to lose (goal is 2 lbs per week), I need to consume no more than 1600 calories a day. I've been coming in around 1200-1400 calories a day.

- Watching my portions- this has been easy with the counting calorie aspect. I just learned I needed to cut back and not give in to the temptation to eat an entire bag of chips (which we all know how challenging that can be). I open a bag of chips and put one serving size in baggies and write how many calories are in the bag on the baggie. (A tad wasteful, I know, but it works!) That's a great way to see, "Oh, if I eat this it's 120 calories....do I want all 120 or only half?!" Magic, my friends. The portions/measuring has been a little challenging for my husband. He doesn't measure when he's cooking dinner. I measure so I can know EXACTLY how many calories the dish will have. I'll continue to work on him, and I'm sure he'll continue to not measure when I'm not looking. I've also purchased a food scale. Yes, I bought a freaking food scale. I was trying to measure things in my head and just realized it would be way easier with a scale. And it is.

- Light workouts- light to me = 30-40 minute walk, which is about 1.8 to 2.4 miles depending on the day, or around 30 minutes on a stationary bike. 

As I shared with my dad, I was hopeful that by adding these small work outs to what I was doing would help to speed things up, but that hasn’t been the case. It’s a very slow journey, which I knew would happen, but you’re always hopeful it will be a little faster.

My dad came back with, "Wow, what an incredible story, and to think what you have accomplished  in one month is monumental.  You have put in one month that some can’t do in a year. I have read  many stories to help motivate me over the years, and yours is at the top, you are pointed in the right direction." Tears. Light tears rolling down my cheeks. It's true. What I've accomplished in one month is great. I need to remember that pushing forward.


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