Joys of Eating Out

When I first decided to make this lifestyle change, I struggled with getting adjusted to the portions and amount of food I was eating (or wasn't eating). But I was also surprised at how quickly I was able to adjust when I cooking at home. I've purposefully cook meals for two to four serving sizes because, with just my husband and me, there is no need to make more. I'm not a fan of leftovers either.

I found when I was making food, I would just make a huge batch which lead to 1. a lot of waste and 2. us eating sometimes two to three servings a piece of food (which most of the time was really bad). Like I said, only making a serving for the amount of calories I want to consume has been an easy way to manage my calorie intake.


What hasn't been easy is having lunch meetings with a catered lunch or going out to eat as an office. Where do I even begin? First, I NEVER thought I would be the person that would get annoyed with going out to eat. We all know portion sizes are way off. Let's be real, when I get eight breadsticks it's VERY difficult for me to say, "I think I'll only eat two." I have to do it though and I just imagine how many calories are in ONE stick...even though they taste so delicious...

But I think the biggest issue I have is the lack of nutrition information. I've been pleasantly surprised at the amount of large chain restaurants that have all of this information online. I love that many pizza places allow you to "make" a pizza to see the nutrition in one slice (which is also terrifying). I find myself negotiating and saying, "Oh you can have this, this AND this...or just this ONE topping."  It would be SO wonderful for everyone to have the "make your own" feature on their website. That's me being an extremely wishful thinker....I should be pleased with any nutrition info, and I am, trust me.

There are a lot of smaller chain restaurants or local restaurants around me, and it's very rare they have any nutrition information online. I'm now the person that frantically searches the menu to see what I think will be a healthier option and try to be sneaky as I pull out my phone to see if there is ANYTHING even close to it on MyFitness Pal or online. This makes it oh so challenging when you're trying to stay within a certain amount of calories a day and you have NO FREAKIN CLUE how many calories are in the chips and salsa (another weakness of mine) that are sitting right in front of you. I have to keep thinking how lucky we are to have some food chains that have the information right there in the open for you, but wouldn't it be nice is all restaurants provided that information? I know some places are nervous it would hurt their business, but we have to think of it in terms of helping those who want to know many calories are in that bowl of pasta (another weakness...well, carbs in general)  so they can decide how much of it to eat. That's all I ask for. Oh, and world peace.


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